Dart Appraisal: Nationwide Appraisal Management Company

Wealth Management bank case study

The Situation:

Dart had been working with a large wealth management bank for their second mortgage appraisals, and with one of their branch offices for new construction appraisals. The bank outsourced their first mortgages to a third-party lender and nationwide AMC.

The Solution:

The bank eventually discontinued their relationship with the third-party lender and their AMC and brought all mortgage lending in-house, centralizing their mortgage operations.  Dart was brought on as one of three approved AMCs to fulfill appraisal orders for their first mortgages, second mortgages, and specialty lending loans.  Based upon our knowledge and experience of their unique needs, Dart designed a formal interview process for recruiting best-in-class appraisers to fulfill the bank’s needs for appraisals of complex, high value, multi-million dollar luxury homes and trophy homes throughout the United States.

The Impact:

With the bank’s input and direction, Dart also developed a best practice that became known as “white-glove customer service” for all parties involved in their appraisal transactions.  Dart continues to adapt to the bank’s evolving needs and performs additional reporting and QC services that are unique to the bank’s credit policy and compliance requirements.

Today, Dart Appraisal is the bank’s primary appraisal management partner, earning 99% of their appraisal volume throughout the United States.

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