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Dart Appraisal is committed to protecting the privacy of users of the Dart Appraisal site. At Dart Appraisal, we intend to give you as much control as possible over your personal and confidential information. As part of the normal operation of the Dart Appraisal site, we collect information from you. This Privacy Statement describes the information we collect about you and how that information may be used.


Dart Appraisal collects non-public personal information that has been voluntarily provided by you. Information collected may include your name, address, telephone number, email address and other information that you submit.

Dart Appraisal may track the domains from which people visit the Dart Appraisal site in order to gain aggregate data that may be analyzed for trends and statistics. Subject to the provisions of this Privacy Statement, Dart Appraisal may use accumulated aggregate data for several purposes including, but not limited to, marketing analysis, evaluation of Dart Appraisal’s services, and business planning. Currently, Dart Appraisal uses personal information as a basis for notifications to users, and in order to implement the Terms and Conditions of Use governing the Dart Appraisal site (the “Terms”).

Notification: In order to implement or enforce the Terms, Dart Appraisal may use user-provided e-mail addresses to contact users on an individual basis. At no time, unless such disclosure is required by law, a governmental agency, or specifically authorized by the user, will Dart Appraisal disclose individual user personal information to unrelated third parties that is not publicly available.


The Dart Appraisal site contains links to other websites, whether owned or controlled by Dart Appraisal affiliates or unrelated third parties. Please note that the privacy policies of these sites may differ from those of the Dart Appraisal site. Dart Appraisal is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of any linked websites. We encourage you to read the privacy statement of any website you may visit.


To secure site integrity, Dart Appraisal employs measures, including but not limited to security audits, use of encryption tools and software, and other reasonable security measures and procedures. Internal access to users’ private and nonpublic personal information is restricted to site administrators and individuals on a need-to-know basis.


In the event that Dart Appraisal becomes aware that site security is compromised or nonpublic user information has been disclosed to unrelated third parties as a result of external activity, including but not limited to external security attacks, Dart Appraisal shall take reasonable measures which it deems appropriate, including but not limited to internal investigation and reporting, and notification to and cooperation with law enforcement authorities, notwithstanding other provisions of this Privacy Statement.

If Dart Appraisal becomes aware that a user’s personal information provided to Dart Appraisal has been disclosed in a manner not in accordance with this Privacy Statement, Dart Appraisal shall make reasonable efforts to notify the affected user, as soon as reasonably possible and as permitted by law, of what information has been disclosed, to the extent that Dart Appraisal knows this information.


Dart Appraisal utilizes a third party vendor for all email marketing activities. This company’s Anti-Spam Policy tolerates only permission-based email. Recipients always have the opportunity to opt-out of our marketing communications or change preferences by following a link in the footer of all email messages sent by Dart Appraisal.


Dart Appraisal has a formal incident response plan in place, which details a specific and systematic approach for dealing with computer security incidents. If you discover any suspicious activity, please call 678.426.5373 or email kmorgan@dartappraisal.com.


While this Privacy Statement expresses Dart Appraisal’s standards for maintenance of privacy data, it is not in a position to guarantee that the standards will always be met. There may be factors beyond Dart Appraisal’s control that may result in disclosure of data. As a consequence, Dart Appraisal disclaims any warranties or representations relating to maintenance or nondisclosure of private information.


We reserve the right to modify or amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Changes will be made immediately to the website.


A consumer has the right to know the categories of personal information listed in the CCPA we have collected and disclosed in the past 12 months.  We collect this information only to process appraisal services requested by your lender, broker or representative of a lending institution.  The categories of information we may collect include:

  • Identifiers – including name, email address, phone number, unique personal identifier, IP address and User ID.
  • Customer records – billing address, and credit or debit card information.
  • Characteristics of protected classifications under California or federal law: Race as requested on a mortgage application.
  • Internet activity – including your interactions with our Services.
  • Audio or visual data – including audio or video we collect while communicating with you.
  • Geolocation data – including your location inferred by your IP address.

In certain cases, we collect sensitive data as defined by the CCPA, including:

  • Your login credentials to provide you access to the Services.
  • Your financial card information when you make a payment for our Services, we will share this information with our third-party card processors.
  • Content of communications that you post publicly on our Services or that are shared with us to facilitate customer support.

We don’t infer characteristics or about you based on your sensitive personal information.

We collect but do not Sell or Share personal information.  The information collected is limited and only collected to fulfill the service being requested.  We will retain the information per retention periods required per federal and state laws.  The information is provided by either you (the consumer) or our client to process your transaction.  The information may be disclosed to a third party only for purposes to complete the service being provided.

A business that receives a verifiable consumer request from a consumer to access personal information shall promptly take steps to disclose and deliver, free of charge to the consumer, the personal information required by this section.

A consumer shall have the right to request that a business delete or correct any personal information about the consumer which the business has collected (restrictions may apply if retention is required by another law).

A consumer shall have the right to request that a business that sells the consumer’s personal information, or that discloses it for a business purpose, disclose to that consumer:

(1) The categories of personal information that the business collected about the consumer. (2)  The categories of personal information that the business sold about the consumer and the categories of third parties to whom the personal information was sold, by category or categories of personal information for each third party to whom the personal information was sold. (3)  The categories of personal information that the business disclosed about the consumer for a business purpose.

A business shall not discriminate against a consumer because the consumer exercised any of the consumer’s rights under this title, including, but not limited to, by: (A) Denying goods or services to the consumer. (B)  Charging different prices or rates for goods or services, including through the use of discounts or other benefits or imposing penalties. (C)  Providing a different level or quality of goods or services to the consumer, if the consumer exercises the consumer’s rights under this title. (D)  Suggesting that the consumer will receive a different price or rate for goods or services or a different level or quality of goods or services.

Consumers may exercise their rights listed above and submit requests to Dart Appraisal by calling 888-327-8123 or sending an email to info@dartappraisal.com.

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