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Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

Automated Valuation Model (AVM) Provides a point of value estimate for a property using mathematical modeling combined with a database. Home Value Explorer®: Stand-alone AVM product generated by Freddie Mac. Cascading AVM: Cascades through all 20 of the industry’s leading AVMs, giving lenders a simple way to select the most suitable AVM for every property.

Executive Value Report (EVR)

Delivers comprehensive property details, including sales history and a suitability score, ranking the subject property against its 10 closest, algorithmically selected comparables. The EVR also includes a three-year value forecast for both the subject property and the market environment.

Automated Collateral Evaluation plus Property Data Report (ACE+PDR)

A trained property data collector using Freddie Mac's PDR data set will be utilized to perform an on-site data collection and complete this report.

Streamline Appraisal

Completed by a credentialed appraiser, this report includes a physical inspection of the property's exterior (done by a home inspector), as well as comparable photos and price trend information for the property and local market.

Streamline Evaluation

Combines physical inspection (done by a home inspector) and a third party algorithm driven report to provide a value opinion.

Property Condition Report (PCR)

Ensure the property is in typical condition for the neighborhood, especially after a disaster or long-term vacancy. Dart's PCR includes external photographs, and can be combined with an EVR or AVM.

Desktop Appraisal

Appraisal of limited scope completed by a licensed appraiser, without a physical inspection of the subject property.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Estimated value of a property as determined by a licensed Realtor. All of Dart's BPOs go through a manual and automated QC check prior to delivery to the client.


Dart also works with our clients on custom products, including retro reviews, research projects for legal matters, standard review work and even creating new or hybrid report types.

Dart iQ ™

Enhances our robust manual review process with an automated data engine, encompassing thousands of business rules, USPAP and industry guidelines.

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