Dart Appraisal: Nationwide Appraisal Management Company


During the first few years as a company, Dart’s staff mainly consisted of staff appraisers and operations team members. Trainee appraisers that worked for Dart in the office were often re-routed into the field to complete inspections, later to be signed off on by credentialed staff appraisers. As the company grew, Founder and CEO Darton Case began to assemble a management team to help guide the vision and mission for the business. In the early 2000s, the AMC also added sales executives to help with new business acquisition.

In 2008, current company president Michael Dresden joined Dart Appraisal as Director of Operations. Dresden rose up through the ranks of the company, eventually taking on the role of president in 2016.


Today, a five-member Executive Team, led by Case and Dresden, is in place at Dart Appraisal. The Executive Team members represent all functional areas of the business including sales, operations, finance and compliance (read individual bios here).

Main business functions at Dart are segregated into teams according to job responsibilities. This approach allows Dart to clearly define responsibilities, lines of reporting, and communications and allows internal employees to focus on the specific business issues affecting their customers.

Dart’s Operations Department is comprised of the following teams:

  • Customer Service – Account Coordinators available for client questions and concerns.
  • Service Level Coordination – Handles orders from receipt and assignment through delivery to Dart, ensuring orders stay on track to meet agreed upon SLAs with our clients.
  • Quality Control – Auditors and Review Appraisers manually review every order, issue any necessary corrections and deliver to the client.
  • Vendor Management – Assist with the vetting of Dart’s independent appraiser panel.¬†
  • Other personnel within the company include finance, sales and administrative positions. Dart also employs staff appraisers in key markets throughout the country.


Led by the Executive Team, Dart will continue to hire and develop our staff to foster an environment that is collaborative, productive and efficient. In the future, we’ll be expanding our sales and marketing team, continuing to build and strengthen the operations staff, and providing additional continuing education opportunities for all team members. Dart also plans to open several satellite offices in key markets throughout the country.

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