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Manufactured/Modular Homes & Vacant Land

Manufactured and modular homes, which are closely scrutinized by regulatory agencies, represent a significant segment of the housing market today. Appraisers for these homes need to be up to speed with the current regulatory environment, as well as familiar with the differences among state codes.

Dart Appraisal works with many of the leading manufactured and modular homelenders and dealers nationwide. We manage nearly 5,000 manufactured/modular home appraisals annually, and have created sub-panels of appraisers experienced with these types of properties.

Vacant Land appraisals are typically complex, rural properties with a myriad of client requirements. For example, a lender may require that the landowner be present during the inspection. It also is not uncommon for a lender to request a series of photographs that might include views in all four compass directions as well as views of the parcel boundaries, any power lines or railroad tracks, and aerial images of adjacent property that might impact valuation.

Dart is extremely experienced with vacant land appraisals, and shipped more than 2,000 vacant land appraisal reports in 2017 alone.

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