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Innovators with USPAP training and industry experience, that know the importance of going the extra mile.

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Dart’s pay schedule is every two weeks, and we have never been late!

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Dart utilizes a file score based on quality from previous appraisals turned in, to determine assignment.


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Dart takes regulatory compliance seriously and is always up to date on new rules and changes.

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A compilation of industry resources for appraisers regarding appraisal management and regulations.


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“I really appreciate how professional and 'on -time' you are with your payment to the appraisers. Dart is one of my top favorite companies to work with. You always pay me a fair fee, when you say you are going to (as per the pay calendar), and you have great communication with us as well.”

Marion Berner
Oasis Property Appraisal

"Dart Appraisal makes everything easier due to their very well trained personnel, including computer technology that is very efficient and easy to use at the same time. It feels very good, as a certified appraiser, to always be in contact with staff that clearly understands the appraisal concepts and communicates in a professional way.”

Gerardo Fernandez
Fernandez Residential Appraisers, Inc.

"I can honestly say that it has been a pleasure working with everyone at Dart Appraisal. In a constantly changing appraisal business, Dart Appraisals' knowledgeable and courteous staff makes my life so much easier. Their user friendly and constantly improving web site is by far one of the best in the industry. I am looking forward to an on-going partnership with Dart Appraisal for years to come." 

Nicole Chin
Certified Residential Appraiser since 2007 - Florida

"I have been a real estate appraiser for over 27 years now, and over the years, I have worked with many major lenders and appraisal management companies. I have found the staff at Dart to be not only very professional, but friendly and always accommodating. They are always fair regarding all matters including the appraisal fees. An absolutely terrific company to work for."   

Steve Guerrera
Certified Residential Appraiser since 1982 - New York

"As a residential real estate appraiser with over 25 years of experience,  I have worked with countless banks, brokers and management companies. As our industry has changed, especially over the past few years I have become increasingly selective of whom I will work with.  Dart Appraisal has remained #1 on my list for management companies.  The communication with account managers, their expectations from appraisers, the commitment to quality work and ease of payment makes Dart Appraisal unsurpassed in the field of management companies." 

Hilda J. Biscaro
Certified Residential Appraiser since 2010 / State Licensed since 1992 - New York

Dart Appraisal is always a pleasure to work with.  Dart finds that perfect balance of representing the lender and the appraiser, and truly managing the appraisal process from start to finish in an straightforward manner.

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