Dart Appraisal: Nationwide Appraisal Management Company

A truly unique specialty of Dart Appraisal is wealth management firms. We work with three of the nation’s top ten wealth managers, and have a great deal of experience with jumbo appraisals.

Dart identifies within our system appraisers that have experience with high-end properties. We’ve also created preferred appraiser panels for our clients, comprised of appraisers with a high level of expertise with luxury homes. All of those appraisers have been through a personal interview with Dart’s vendor management team.

We understand that appraisal management is not one-size-fits-all, and will build a custom solutions to meet your needs. We know that your clients are VIPs, and are highly sensitive to those relationships. Simple processes such as only contacting the entry contact on an order, not the borrower, are common knowledge among our team and our panel. While this is a seemingly small detail on the surface, it can make a big impact on your client. We ensure that our staff and our appraisers understand how to provide a white-glove customer service experience to your VIP clientele.

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