Dart Appraisal: Nationwide Appraisal Management Company


October 26, 2017, San Francisco, CA –  HouseCanary, the leading provider of modern valuation and appraisal solutions, announced a partnership with top appraisal management company Dart Appraisal that will accelerate the growth of the HouseCanary Agile Appraisal™ Platform, a fast, flexible valuation platform with full USPAP and FIRREA compliance. Dart Appraisal will continue to optimize Agile Appraisal™’s industry-leading speed of appraisal turnaround by leveraging Dart appraisers to fulfill Agile Appraisal™ orders.

Launched in September, Agile Appraisal™ connects users to a network of licensed, geographically competent appraisers who are available on demand. The speed and efficiency of the new system allows users to cut the time needed for an appraisal to as little as five days and is also more affordable than the traditional process. By leveraging a robust real estate data set and proprietary algorithms to calculate a home’s value, the Agile Appraisal™ platform divides and conquers the appraisal process – giving appraisers freedom to focus on the valuation details that truly require their elevated skills and knowledge and saving them significant amounts of time.

As part of the partnership agreement, Dart Appraisal will be rolling Agile Appraisal™ out to its nationwide panel of appraisers, who will be able to use the proprietary software and unparalleled real estate data sets to complete accurate appraisals more quickly and with confidence. The partnership will also enable both Dart Appraisal and HouseCanary to innovate in the appraisal space with Agile Appraisal™ as the foundation.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Dart Appraisal to bring efficiency, consistency, and innovation to the appraisal fulfillment process,” said Alex Villacorta, PhD, HouseCanary’s Executive Vice President of Analytics. “At HouseCanary, we’ve built a carefully curated platform of the industry’s most comprehensive set of data and analytics, and now we are pleased to equip Dart’s appraiser panel with our data and analytics platform so appraisers can focus on the areas of the assignment that are most important to the valuation analysis,” he explained.

“The valuation industry is constantly evolving, and it’s important that we offer unique, efficient and accurate products that meet our clients’ needs,” said Dart Appraisal President Michael Dresden. “The Agile Appraisal™ combines HouseCanary’s extensive set of data and analytics with the expertise and local knowledge of credentialed appraisers, which makes this product truly innovative.”

To learn more about this product, contact Marc Tatarcuk at 248.273.8640.