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Dart Discusses Appraisal Changes on Reverse Mortgages

The Federal Housing Administration, FHA, announced effective 10/1/2018 they will require a second appraisal on select reverse mortgage loans that are flagged by the agency as having the potential for an inflated property valuation.

FHA shared that out of the 134,000 appraisals input into their automated valuation model, approximately 50,000 or 37% were inaccurate by at least 3%.

FHA commissioner Brian Montgomery said, “We are trying to understand why in a still relatively low interest rate market where house prices have returned in most major markets including in many of the states where reverse mortgages were, why were still hemorrhaging money. We thought this was a contributing factor that required due diligence.”

FHA Deputy Assistant Secretary, Gisele Roget stated implementing a valuation assessment is a step forward for the reverse mortgage industry.

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