Site Related Technical Issues!

Site Update: 2PM 6/3/2024 – We appreciate your patience over the past several days. Since learning that our hosting provider had been impacted by a cybersecurity incident, we have been working to securely restore full services to our customers.  We are happy to report that no evidence of persistence or malicious activity has been found, and our forensic team has cleared our systems to resume production.

Accordingly, DartO, our proprietary order management solution, is fully and safely accessible.  The Dart team is currently working through production testing and working to reconcile the orders that were active at the time of the outage with all of the progress that was made on those orders in the interim.  Once that work is complete, we will notify you and return to normal operating procedures.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.  The outpouring of support we have received from so many of you has been more gratifying than we can say.

Site Update: 11AM 05/29/2024 – As previously noted, we recently learned that our hosting vendor had experienced a cybersecurity incident. Dart Appraisal is not aware of any impact to our local network environment but have engaged third-party cybersecurity specialists to confirm. Dart Appraisal is closely monitoring the vendor’s investigation, and as of now, the vendor has relayed that they will let us know should they find any evidence suggesting any impact to Dart Appraisal’s data. As of this moment, we are not aware of any impact to such data, but we will be sure to promptly update you should that change.

Site Update: 3PM 05/28/2024 – Over the weekend, our hosting vendor informed us that they had experienced a “cybersecurity incident” on Wednesday May 22.  According to their official communication they “detected unusual network activity and promptly activated their incident response protocols and network access was disconnected”.  Fortunately, they have restored access to their network and “have engaged independent computer forensic experts to conduct an investigation and determine the nature and scope of the incident”.   As soon as we receive a full report, we will be in touch regarding their findings.

 Dart Appraisal was one of many customers whose service was interrupted by this incident, and we have no reason to believe we were targeted in any way but, out of an abundance of caution, we have engaged our own technical forensic experts to understand if our encrypted data files were accessed or corrupted in any way.  When they tell us that all is well, we will get our order management tools back up
and running as quickly as possible.  In the interim we will continue operating under our business continuity plan to keep your appraisals moving through the appropriate processes from assignment to review and delivery.

 We have attempted to address these technical challenges while continuing to service your appraisal needs to the best of our ability.  Our team has worked tirelessly to keep files moving under difficult conditions.  One of the things that has made this possible is the cooperation, patience, and encouragement of our clients.  We could not be more thankful and will continue to put your needs first as we get back to normal operating procedures.

Site Update: 3PM 05/24/2024 – As many of you know, since the morning of Wednesday, May 22, we have been unable to access some of our order management toolsets.  We have been in contact with our vendor and as of this afternoon we have only been advised they are experiencing technical difficulties.  We are closely monitoring the situation and are in constant contact with the vendor. We are awaiting a definitive response regarding the extent and specifics regarding these technical difficulties.  We will continue to provide you with updates as more information becomes available. 

 Based on the foregoing, we have activated our business continuity plan and are keeping your orders progressing towards completion to minimize the impact on you and your customers.  Our team has worked around the clock and our business is still operating, though at a slightly reduced capacity, so that we can continue providing you the appraisal services you need. 

We could not be more appreciative of the outpouring of support we have received from so many of you.  It reminds us why we are so committed to serving you and the needs of your customers.  We want to assure you that your business is our top priority, and we are committed to minimizing any disruptions.

 Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

 Site Update: 12PM 05/23/2024 – To all of our clients that had active orders with us prior to May 22.  These orders are still being actively managed/processed!!!  There will be slight delays in communication and delivery but, as mentioned yesterday, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have priority files.  You can reach out directly to your Account Coordinator or call us at 888-327-8123.  And please note that if you are one of our many customers for whom we submit to UCDP or EAD, we can and will continue to do so.

 Site Update: 7PM 05/22/2024 – In the spirit of transparency and partnership, we want to provide you with regular updates regarding the outage at our 3rd party hosting vendor.  Our order management tools remain inaccessible, but we continue working with the vendor to resolve their equipment failure issues.

 We are working hard to execute our contingency plans to allow us to manage and deliver existing orders as well as accept new orders.  If you have certain orders that are higher priority due to Closings, etc. please let us know by calling (888) 327-8123 or reach out to your Account Coordinator via email.  Please include the Loan number associated with the file so we can quickly identify the assigned appraiser and act quickly.

 We very much appreciate the patience and support you have expressed.  We value our clients and will continue to be as forthright as possible.

 Site Update: 12PM 05/22/2024 – Earlier today the company that hosts our order management system experienced a technical issue that has impacted the ability to login and place/manage orders. 

 We are working with them to get the system back up and accessible as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you informed of any updates as soon as we receive them.

 The Dart Appraisal Team