Notice to appraisers accepting assignments which require an Interior Inspection

Residential Appraisal Engagements:

What Precautions Should Cadence Bank Appraisers Take When Planning/Conduction Interior Inspections?

Please have a conversation with the borrower/owner when scheduling the appointment to identify any risk of infection. This conversation should also provide the borrower/owner with the opportunity to ask you screening questions or to assure them you are not ill.

The appointment scheduling call is a good time to let the borrower/owner know what precautions you will be taking, such as wearing gloves, not shaking hands, allowing the borrower to turn on all lights and open all doors, etc.

Additionally, we encourage you to let the borrower know that you will be keeping a 6 foot distance from any individual.

Screening should be limited to questions about the coronavirus and flu such as: 1) Is anyone in your household currently sick with a fever and/or a cough? 2) Has anyone in your household been exposed to a person who has or is suspected of having the coronavirus?

If you or the borrower/property owner have symptoms, or are not comfortable meeting to inspect the property or interior of the property due to restricted travel, one or both parties being high risk due to age, medical issues, contact with individuals at risk, or any other related reason, contact the Bank as soon as possible and do not conduct the inspection. 

Our primary concern is for the safety and health of our appraisers, borrowers, and the general public which takes precedence over inspection concerns.  Please call if you have any questions.