Appraising the Technological Situation

By Michael Dresden, President, Dart Appraisal

This article originally appeared in Scotsman Guide, November 2015

The regulatory environment for financial services has only served to step up the pressure in the timesensitive, complex and competitive industry of residential mortgage lending.

Timelines are becoming increasingly compressed for everyone in the business, including lenders' appraisal-management company (AMC) and appraiser partners. As the case review and auditing requirements grow immensely in the legislative and regulatory communities, the investment marketplace and consumers all scrutinize appraisers' work.

Fortunately, the best processing and communications technologies can expedite nearly every stage of the appraisal process, from uploads to customization and quality control. Advanced technologies can also help AMCs select the most qualified appraiser for any assignment. As a result, AMCs that embrace best practices can be good and be fast.

Choosing an AMC with strong leadership, excellent staff communications, responsiveness and the right technology in place can further speed the loan-origination process. As a result, the best AMCs serve as a valuable professional buffer and help improve the loan-origination process.

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