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Commercial Appraisals

As a full-service Commercial Appraisal Management Company, providing commercial valuations to clients nationwide.

Our standard commercial appraisal service includes:

  • Vetting appraisers
  • Managing the appraiser panel
  • Handling the quote process on commercial assignments 
  • Full appraisals, Restricted appraisals, Desk reviews, Evaluations
  • Ordering environmental risk assessments
  • Engaging the appraisers 
  • Performing a quality, technical, commercial appraisal review
  • We also offer commercial technical reviews on a stand-alone basis 

Our commercial appraisal review team members are all Certified General Real Property Appraisers. They conduct technical reviews and/or desk reviews, request any necessary revisions from the appraiser, and handle questions from both appraisers and clients. They are also available to assist Dart's operations associates in crafting bid language for commercial assignments.

The commercial appraisal review team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. The team's combined appraisal experience includes a wide variety of commercial property appraisals performed for lending institutions, attorneys, accountants, individuals, and governmental authorities. The average appraisal experience of the commercial review team is 23+ years. Collectively, the team holds 36 state Certified General Real Property Appraiser licenses.

To learn more about our commercial appraisal services, please contact us.