Troy, MI, April 28, 2010 - Darton Case,  chief executive officer and founder of the nationwide real estate appraisal company Dart Appraisal, accepted a Corp! magazine Science & Technology award at a banquet held April 20, 2010, at the MSU Management Education Center in Troy, Michigan.

Dart Appraisal received the honors for their superior DartExpress technology, a complete online system for mortgage brokers which ensures compliance with HVCC and FHA regulations throughout the real estate appraisal process.

"As a company driven by customer need, we have always been committed to innovation and problem solving," said Case. "We listen, we consider, and we respond. The impetus for many of our technological developments was simply a solution-focused attitude and a client with a problem that needed resolution."

On May1, 2009, Dart Appraisal launched DartExpress on the company Web site. The new technology provides a quick and easy online system to initiate an appraisal order, pay for and track the progress of the order, and finally deliver a copy to the mortgage broker and lender in full compliance with the HVCC and other appraisal guidelines. The system is unique to the marketplace, resolving compliance issues seamlessly for brokers nationwide.

At the time of the DartExpress launch, pressure to conform to the HVCC regulations left mortgage brokers and lenders scrambling for an effective new system for ordering residential real estate appraisals. Many lenders were confused as to how to deal with all the HVCC, USPAP and RESPA appraisal guidelines.

Traditionally driven by customer demand and committed to problem-solving innovations, Dart Appraisal stepped in with a solution to ease the transition. The company developed a new online technology designed to provide mortgage brokers with a comprehensive and seamless solution to ordering and receiving an HVCC-compliant appraisal.

The keys to the innovation of DartExpress are:
- it allows for the broker to sign up around the clock on the website, as opposed to limiting usage to business hours;
- it assigns the appraisal to the lender, adhering to the HVCC regulations;
- it allows the broker to use a credit card for payment (HVCC compliant);
- it allows the broker to view the order's status as it goes through our 6 stage process (HVCC compliant).