Meet the Executive Team

Darton Case, Owner and President

Darton Case took the helm of Dart Appraisal Services in 1994, working closely with Oakland Mortgage, a company founded by his father during the rapid expansion of the mortgage market in the late 80s. He immediately recognized the critical need for a third party business model in the real estate appraisal industry and expanded Dart Appraisal until it reached nationwide coverage by 1998. Case is a licensed appraiser for the State of Michigan, and he is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association, Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association and a former board member of the Michigan Mortgage Brokers Association. He holds a bachelor of arts from Colorado State University.

His vision for Dart Appraisal is to execute a reliable and consistent experience for its clients, appraisers and employees. Case's passion and drive to succeed can be felt throughout the company's culture. His ability to attract great employees through perseverance has allowed his firm to adapt and lead in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Michael Dresden, Executive Vice President

Developing and executing the vision for Dart Appraisal is the role of Executive Vice President Michael Dresden.  As the chief integrator for all branches of Dart Appraisal, Dresden works closely with the company's leadership team to create a comprehensive strategic plan that effectively utilizes the skills of each area to their fullest advantage.  From customer service and sales, from suppliers to operations, each piece of the strategic plan is fine-tuned to develop a package that delivers consistent, reliable and customized service to a broad range of clients throughout the U.S. Throughout the rapidly changing marketplace over the past decade, Dart Appraisal has emerged and remains a leading, national AMC under the strategic leadership of Dresden. As a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, he remains committed to continuous improvement efforts.

Prior to joining Dart Appraisal, Dresden served as Regional Operations Manager for a provider of outsourced IT, maintenance, and repair services. In this role, he successfully aligned company operations and sales departments through combined planning sessions, developing a tool to unify account growth and customer satisfaction strategies across both departments. Dresden holds a bachelor of science from Illinois State University, where he served as president of the Pi Sigma Epsilon marketing business fraternity.

Mike Fisk, Chief Financial Officer 

Fisk joined the Dart Appraisal team in 2015, and leads the company's finance department. Fisk has more than 24 years of progressive experience in finance, accounting and operations management, and a proven track record of improving operations, impacting business growth improving efficiencies. 

Prior to joining Dart Appraisal, Fisk served as director of corporate finance for Munder Capital Management in Birmingham, Mich., where he was responsible for general oversight and personnel management of all functions of the finance department. He holds a bachelor of arts from Alma College, and an MBA from Wayne State University.

Jim McElroy, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Heading up Dart's sales and marketing divisions is Jim McElroy. He is an accomplished business development and marketing leader with a proven track record in creating demand through integrated marketing and sales strategies, sales management, innovation in products and processes, and tactical implementation. McElroy is also an expert at bringing the voice of the customer into the company, helping to tailor Dart Appraisal's products and services to better meet those demands.

McElroy has a diverse background of more than 20 years of B2B sales and marketing leadership experience at several companies serving the housing industry, including Fortune Brands and Ingersoll-Rand. He holds master and bachelor degrees in business administration from The University of Michigan.

Luke Buikema, Director of Operations 

As Director of Operations, Buikema works to integrate his expertise in complex operational systems with the company's commitment to superior customer service and custom solutions.  Managing the Client Services Team, which encompasses all manner of operations in the appraisal process - from order assignment to quality control, he ensures that our customers receive the reliable and consistent customer service that has become the hallmark of Dart Appraisal.

Buikema's background in operations enables him to foresee and create custom solutions for clients, often before there is a need to implement them. Using Dart's proprietary platform, he is able to quickly customize platform changes and internal systems to adapt to specific client needs. By continually striving to create and implement new processes, his department continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of Dart's lender partners.

With an eye to the future, Buikema stresses that he is always looking for a better way, because "what's okay today, won't be okay tomorrow."  Many of the operational improvements he implements come directly from his team, who are encouraged to send ideas up the chain.  As a rule, Dart associates abide by Core Values that include a commitment to digging deeper and truly serving clients in the best way possible. 

Prior to joining Dart Appraisal, Luke held the position of General Manager of Aramark Cleanroom Services for the Midwest and Puerto Rico regions.  There he was responsible for expedient problem solving, recruiting and promoting qualified staff and improving customer relations.  Luke received his bachelor's degree from Loyola University Chicago.